As simple as this product is, there are some useful hints that will help you utilize it to it’s fullest. Here are a few of them to get you started!

Pen/Ciggy Holder

When using it as anything for your head i.e. Head band or Beanie. It works great to hold a ‘ciggie’ or pen. Any beanie with a fold can do this though.

Card Holder

When just going for a run or walk to the shops great for holding your card. Or if I’m using a lot of transport ‘tap ons’ I keep it in the wrist band.

Eye Mask

Also pretty obvious. Although I just have to let tell you this one cause it works wonders when travelling! Doesn’t fall of at all.

Arm Phone Holster 

When going for runs or hikes it works really well to use it as a phone holder on your arm.

Chip Packet Band

Though of this just now. It works great to keep a chip packet fresh over night!

Window Holders

Got a shaking window or rattling handle? easily put it around to stop any noise.  

Pirate to Cowboy

Go from pirate to cowboy by pulling it down. See how to do pirate here.  

Kinky Handcuffs

Yeah, use your imagination! you can have a lot more fun with these then you think ;P
Make a figure 8 and pull one end through the other hole

Dog Bandanna 

Works as a cozy warm scarf for your pup if he gets cold.

So that’s just basically a few useful things that you can use your face tube cover thing for. You can check our other post where we put 24 uses for it.  

If you got any other tips or ideas leave a comment! 

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