People often show between 9 to 14 ways to use this incredible invention. I argue it’s only limited to your imagination. So here’s 24… cause I can. 

Full Face Mask




Hair Band

Head Band




Also used as hat/helmet liner

Neck Gaitor


Do Rag

Bobble Hat

Hair Tie

Wrist Band

Bow Tie

Stubby Holder

No Beer #Lockdown

Heat Mit

Tube Top

Boxing Hand Wrap

Phone Strap

Coin Purse

Drawing Glove

Hanging Shelf

There you go! 24 ways to use your tube thing. Stopped there cause now it’s your turn to get creative!

Still Want to Learn

Here’s a cool site that explains in a little more detail some of the positions you can wear it. 
Buff also has a really good clip of them demonstrating ways to wear it and different positions.
This person also claim to have 19 uses but then have Beanie, Helmet Liner & Hat Liner Or Scarf, Neck Warmer & Sun Guard. Yet they’re all the same.

One thought on “How Many Ways Can You Wear It?

  1. Peter Greenwall says:

    So many ways to wear it – It’s cold here right now so it’s an ear warmer beanie when I go out, So convenient !! Just leave it around your neck so you never have to search for your mask when u leave the house

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